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    Music and Me

    L.O.V.E. MJ

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    Music and Me

    Писане by L.O.V.E. MJ on Сря Мар 17, 2010 12:34 am

    Music And Me Year 1973
    1. With a Child's Heart (3:24)
    2. Up Again (2:47)
    3. All the Things You Are (2:55)
    4. Happy (3:19)
    5. Too Young (3:37)
    6. Doggin' Around (2:52)
    7. Johnny Raven (3:31)
    8. Euphoria (2:48)
    9. Morning Glow (3:36)
    10. Music and Me (2:35)

    Release : April 1973
    Production : Berry Gordy

    Music and Me was the third solo, released in 1973 on the Motown label.

    At this point, michael Jackson was one of the few artists who had success as a member of a popular singing group and as a soloist, especially considering he now had four Top 40 hit singles at the point of this release, which occurred in April of 1973.

    But at this point, Michael, who turned fifteen in August, was growing frustrated with Motown's lack of direction concerning the material he was recording thus making the songs he recorded for "Music and Me" seem almost shallow even at his most soulful.

    Jackson was also experiencing vocal changes as he came in and out of soprano and was now, at least for this album, a high-pitched tenor. Also low promotion because Michael was currently on tour can be named for this albums low success and only one single.

    The chart showing at #92 on the Pop Albums Chart proved to be a sign, at least by the label, that the public was growing tired of Jackson's image as a child singer as he matured into a teen idol during the year. And the leading single, "With a Child's Heart" (originally recorded by Stevie Wonder), was the only song released off it.

    Because of the low sucess of this album it was decided that Motown would focused more on getting the Jackson 5's career together and not focused on Michael's solo career until the brothers got back on track(this is the reason why Michael's next album wasn't released till nearly two years later in 75, and why a planned 74 solo album was shelved).

    There's little wonder that Jackson at this point began to openly express his desires to expand his horizons and try a fresher, more contemporary approach.

    Singles :
    With a child’s Heart / Morning Glow (april 1973)

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