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    Farewell My Summer Love

    L.O.V.E. MJ

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    Farewell My Summer Love

    Писане by L.O.V.E. MJ on Сря Мар 17, 2010 12:54 am

    Farewell My Summer Love Year 1984
    1. Don't Let It Get You Down (3:01)
    2. You Really Got A Hold On Me (3:30)
    3. Melodie (3:21)
    4. Touch The One You Love (2:47)
    5. Girl You're So Together (3:09)
    6. Farewell My Summer Love (4:21)
    7. Call On Me (3:38)
    8. Here I Am (Come And Take Me) (2:53)
    9. To Make My Father Proud (4:04)

    Release : May 1984
    Production : Motown

    Farewell My Summer Love, like One Day in Your Life before it, was a compilation of archived Michael Jackson recordings released by Motown in 1984 as a "lost" Michael Jackson solo album that was meant to be released in 74 but was later held off because of the Jackson's Five reborn success with Dancing Machine.

    The nine songs featured on the album were originally recorded in 1973 but had not been previously released. To give the album a more 1980s sound, Motown remixed the songs and added all new musical overdubs. The task of updating the sound was given to musicians Tony Peluso, Michael Lovesmith and Steve Barri. Together with drummer Mike Baird, they recorded new guitar, keyboard, percussion drum parts for the songs. The album reached #46 on Billboard's pop album chart and #9 on the UK albums chart.

    The title track was also released as a single in May, 1984. It became a Top 40 hit in the US, reaching #38, and a Top 10 hit in the United Kingdom, reaching #7. At the time, Jackson was riding high on the success of his best-selling Thriller album. A follow up single, "Girl You're So Together" was a top 40 hit in the UK.

    The album was released only to be forgotten years later. Like One Day in Your Life, Farewell My Summer Love has never seen a re-release, although the title track is available on several of Jackson's greatest hits collections. In particular, Motown's comprehensive Michael Jackson Anthology features the song "Farewell My Summer Love" in its 1984 remix, as well as "Don't Let it Get You Down", "Call on Me" and "To Make My Father Proud" in their original 1973 versions.

    Singles :
    Farewell My Summer Love / Call On Me (May 1984)
    Girl You’re So Together / Touch The One You Love (1984)

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