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    Jermaine's @ Home Photoshoot/interview with Family in Hello Magazine


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    Jermaine's @ Home Photoshoot/interview with Family in Hello Magazine

    Писане by andeli on Пон Юли 05, 2010 10:27 am

    Jermaine Jackson sighs. [/size=18]‘’I miss Michael so much,’’ he says. ‘’I just miss his smile; he had such a wonderful smile.’’[/size]

    Michael Jackson’s brother is speaking exclusively to HELLO!, his stunning Afghan wife Halima by his side. We meet in the couple’s beautiful hilltop Los Angeles home, shortly before attending an intimate family ceremony at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, Michael’s final resting place, honoring the superstar’s memory one year after his death on June 25. And it’s immediately clear that the family still grieves, the feelings are still raw.

    ‘’We hurt, like everyone else,’’ says Jermaine. ‘’We’re not made of steel. We’re human beings; we’re a family. And when Michael passed and the world cried, they didn’t cry because of an entertainer; they cried because of the love that he put back out there and what he was about.’’

    Coming just 18 days before the start of his comeback This Is It tour, Michael’s death from an overdose of sedatives and the anaesthetic Propofol devastated the Jackson clan and millions of fans. Tears well in Jermaine’s eyes as he recalls the horror that began with a telephone call saying Michael had been rushed to hospital. Jermaine immediately rang his mother Katherine who confirmed the news.

    ‘’We didn’t think it was going to be much,’’ Jermaine says, recalling their rush to hospital. However, by the time he and Halima arrived, Michael was gone.

    During our interview, Jermaine’s eye-twinkling humor and ready charm give way to moments of sadness and anger, and to the occasional tear. Notably, he often refers to Michael in the present tense. For him, Michael’s spirit obviously lives on.

    The pop legend’s estate has, it was reported last week, earned £675million since his death. Michael left his entire estate in a trust for his mother Katherine, 80, and his children Prince Michael, 13, daughter Paris, 12, and son ‘’Blanket’’, Prince Michael II, eight.

    In accordance with Michael’s wishes, his mother immediately became his children’s legal guardian and carer after his death, while an agreement on custody was reached with Michael’s former wife, Debbie Rowe, 51, Prince Michael’s and Paris’s mother. (The identity of Blanket’s surrogate mother has never been revealed.)

    Family is plainly paramount for Jermaine, 55, the fourth of Joe and Katherine Jackson’s nine children, who has seven children of his own. He had Jermaine Jr, Autumn and Jaimy with first wife Hazel Gordy, Motown founder Berry Gordy’s daughter, whom he wed in 1973. Then a relationship with Margaret Maldonado produced Jeremy and Jourdynn. Alejandra Oaziaza is the mother of his sons Jaafar, 13 and Jermajesty, nine, who already show musical talent. Alejandra, who split from Jermaine in 2003, also had three children from her prior relationship with Jermaine’s younger brother Randy; Genevieve, 22, adopted son Donte, 18, and Randy Jr, also 18.

    Today, the Jacksons’ famous Encino compound in LA is alive with children’s laughter since Jaafar and Jermajesty live there with Alejandra’s other three children.

    Meanwhile, Jermaine, who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2007, recently made a reality TV show, The Jacksons : A Family Dynasty, with brothers Jackie, Tito and Marlon for a US channel – a second series is under discussion.

    But family also now means Halima, who was born Princess Halima Rashid. She and Jermaine met in January 2004 in a queue in Starbucks. He fell fast and proposed in March. ‘’I took my time,’’ Halima laughs, ‘’even though he was rushing me.’’ She says his kindness, values and charisma won her over, and they wed in an LA mosque that August. For now, while they pursue their own projects, the Jacksons are intent on honoring Michael’s memory with his legendary music. ‘’We’ve got to make sure that people know that the legacy lives on,’’ says Jermaine, opening his heart to HELLO! About the family’s year or grief, their comforting memories, why he wants to see justice for Michael and the strength he draws from the famously close-knit Jackson clan.

    Jermaine, how do you feel on the first anniversary of losing Michael?‘’Really emotional. For a year, it has been just trying to get through it, but this stirs it all up again. We’re still deeply saddened but we have to remember the good things Michael did. We have to be not beaten by the emotion but lift ourselves up and keep going. The year has gone by so fast. But we’re still mourning.’’

    Who decided to hold a memorial for Michael at Forest Lawn Cemetery on the first anniversary of his death?
    ‘’The family. It was just something for the family. We wanted to get together. We’ll pay our respects and think of the good things. There are years and years of good memories. We’re kind of scattered – LaToya, Tito, Rebbie and Randy are in LA but Marlon’s in Atlanta, Jackie’s in Las Vegas, Janet’s in New York – but we’ll all be there with Michael’s children, the nieces, the nephews and the grandchildren.’’

    Do you feel you must be strong for Michael’s children?
    ‘’No, just natural. We’re a strong family because of all the things we’ve encountered over the years. If you feel emotion, don’t hold it in. Let it out.’’

    Did you fall into a depression when Michael died?
    ‘’Never. I’d like hearing his songs from when he was young, like Never Can Say Goodbye, Up Again and ABC. He was just a baby and I remember those days so clearly.’’

    How did you and your wife Halima react on hearing Michael had been rushed to hospital?

    ‘’We didn’t even believe it at first. Then we didn’t think it was going to be much, if it was true. Forty-Five minutes later I called my mother at the hospital and heard her say ‘He’s dead.’ To hear that coming from her, I lost it. I dropped the phone. We rushed across town and cried all the way. As we got closer we could see helicopters circling and it started setting in. I was numb’’.

    What happened when you saw your mother?
    ‘’She was sitting in the emergency ward in a daze, like a statue. My brother Randy was there, my sister LaToya and all the media’’.

    Did you ask to see Michael?‘
    ’Yes. I went to the room to see him laying there, and it’s just the most horrible feeling to see your brother dead. I touched him and his face was still soft. And I kissed him and told him I was going to miss him.’

    Did the children see their dad too?‘
    ’Yes, the therapist thought it would be best for them. They got to know the truth right away instead of someone saying, ‘Well he’s away, he’ll be back’. They were crying ‘Daddy, wake up!’ But then it got to a point where they realised and they understood’’.

    What are some of your fondest memories of Michael?
    I still hear his laughter.
    I’d make him laugh all the time because we shared rooms when we were on tour. All the things we did as the Jackson 5, and before that, being around the house in Gary, Indiana. We started so young: I started when I was ten, Michael started at six.’’

    How is everyone coping now?
    ‘’We can never get over it, it’s just trying to live with it and the fact that he’s not here. We know his spirit is very much alive. I feel him quite a bit. I did a video in India and I saw an outfit in the window of a store that caught my eye. The tailor said ‘Oh my God, you’re brother was here!’ He showed me pictures. I think that was Michael guiding me. Some billion people in India and, of all the tailor shops, I end up there.

    ''I did a show in Gambia for the President with a tribute to Michael: the three-minute poem he wrote, Planet Earth. All you heard was his voice ringing out. The moon was hidden by clouds but when he started talking it became very clear and bright. Right after it finished, the clouds covered the moon again. He would have loved that. He has such a love for the planet and his whole message was to do what's right for it. It was just a magical moment. So our way of healing is performing the songs and the music. That's what gets us through, really.''

    You converted to Islam in 1989. Has your faith helped you?
    ''Yes. And Michael knew there was a God. He loved bringing awareness to something as simple as a flower, and how powerful a flower is if you give it life and love and water. This is God, this is not man-made. We know he's with God. When I saw his body lying there, I knew his spirit was gone and that was a shell. He tried to show the world how we are supposed to love and care about each other, to preserve the planet and the animals.''

    Had you been worried about Michael's health? Did he seem frail?
    ''Not really. Before a show, he conditions himself and tends not to eat. But dancing with dancers 20 years younger, he held his own. They were impressed that he could make them sweat. He is very strong. One time my mother wanted us to lift this solid marble table. I lifted one end and it was so heavy. And Michael just lifted it by himself.I said 'Where do you get those muscles from? You're so thin!' He has a strong soul. It's like it's in his mind first. I said, 'Wow!'''.

    Did sorrow become anger when you learned the circumstances of Michael's death?
    'They put tremendous pressure on him, a lot of responsibility. For Michael to have a great bill of health from the doctor then suddenly show up dead? It puts a lot of questions out there.''

    Do you blame anyone for his death?
    'It's still an ongoing investigation so I can't get into too much detail. I blame them all. They look at Michael as a money making machine. We look at him as a brother we love. People outside looked at him with greed.''

    Is the trial of Michael's personal physician Dr Conrad Murray for involuntary manslaughter important for you?
    'Yes, because why would someone who loved life as much as Michael take his own life? Some say he took his own life! It's crazy!''

    Was it hard to accept that drugs and the anaesthetic Propofol caused Michael's death?
    ''Yes. But who did it? All I knew was he was taking something to sleep. I don't know how it was done but someone took his life. See, I just think Dr Murray is the fall guy''.

    What do you mean?
    ''The surveillance tapes are missing of who came in and out of the house during that time. There's all kinds of stuff. I don't want to get into too much detail. Michael was not the type that was depressed, bored with life, didn't love life or didn't want to be here any more. So you can't say he took his own life.

    ''If he was here today and you said ''Michael, would you leave your children behind, knowing that they'll be fatherless and you won't even see them grow up to be 21 years old? Never! If there was a line drawn on the floor and one side was life and the other death, he would never step across that line. Never.''

    Was it immediately decided that your mother Katherine would raise Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket?
    ''We felt that was best because there would be no hidden agendas. This is their grandmother. We knew she would raise them as she raised us. The toughest part was keeping the parasites away, people Michael never wanted around him or his children when he was alive. All of a sudden, they're his best friend.''

    What's your opinion of the children's former nanny Grace Rwaramba?
    ''She wasn't good for him or them.''

    What about Michael's rumored secret son Omer Bhatti, 25, a Norwegian rapper?
    ''He's a wonderful kid. I felt if Michael showed him love, we're going to show him love too. I can't say whether he's Michael's child or not. I don't think so. He lived at the compound at some point then went home to see his parents.''

    Your sons Jaafar and Jermajesty and Randy's kids Donte, Randy Jr and Genevieve live at the compound with their mum Alejandra, Katherine, Michael's children and your sister Rebbie...
    ''Yes! Michael's kids all get along with my kids very well, and the rest of the kids too, like Tito's grandson Royal. Tito's three sons Taj, Taryll and TJ spend time with them too.''

    Your mum's 80. Do you worry about her health suffering with this houseful?
    [Laughs] ''She's still dealing with us, too! She's the boss. When she hears the kids around the house crying and laughing and having fun, it reminds her of Michael and us when we were young. I think it helps.''

    How often do you and Halima visit?
    ''Two or three time a week. We go to say hi to my mom and see the children running around with the dogs. They have got birds, iguanas and lizards.''

    Tell us about the personalities of Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket...
    ''Paris is smart as a whip. She loves people, she loves to give hugs. She's so sweet. I bring her teddy bears and a little koala bear from Australia because she collects them. She loves to dance. They all show talent but she's like the little wise one; an old soul.

    ''Prince is kind of serious sometimes. We didn't want him to give a speech at the Grammys because we didn't want the world to think we were exploiting the kids. But he wanted to, so my mother allowed it. I guess it was healing for him.

    ''They're very confident, very good kids. No insecurities. Very strong, just like their father. And Blanket is a bundle of joy. He walks around with a toy airplane and flies it through the air, making the noises.

    Do you and Halima share custody of Jaafar and Jermajesty with Alejandra?
    ''They come back and forth. I just took my kids and their friends to Gambia here I did a concert. Prince and the others missed Jaafar and Jermajesty so much. They're very close. They talk to each other on Skype. It's 'When are you coming back? We miss you!' They love each other.''

    Are Michael's kids coping emotionally or is there still a lot of grief?
    ''Not so much. They have their memories and his music, his legacy. They see him in all of us. I say things their dad used to say. Like I call them 'Applehead'. That's a family saying.''

    Would Michael be upset if he knew the children no longer wear veils?
    ''A lot of things he wouldn't like. He didn't want them to be all over the media, he wanted them to have a normal life, and it was hard with him so famous. But they have to fit into society at some point, to become citizens. Thy go to the movies with my kids. They love animation projects; the Shreks, Pixar films, Happy Feet and Iron Man. I think they're interested in working behind the camera.''

    Is it true they will soon stop home schooling?
    ''I think they might be...They're going to go to a private school so they can interact with other kids and know what it's like to have a friend. Absolutely. It's the best for them.''

    How is Katherine holding up after the loss of her son?
    ''Its tough for her. You're supposed to go before your child.''

    Do Janet and LaToya play important roles in Michael's children's lives?
    ''They come over and take them out for ice cream. We just had a big family dinner for the Lakers game. My mother is a big Lakers fan and had all the kids over. You only get one chance to be a kid and have a childhood and they're being kids. They're making all the noise they want and getting the proper discipline.''


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