Добре дошли във форума " Michael Jackson The King" !

Пожелаваме Ви приятни минути в нашето прекрасно място

изпълнено с любов и преклонение към

единственият и неповторимият

Майкъл Джаксън!

    Започва се...

    BAD - потребител
    BAD - потребител

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    Re: Започва се...

    Писане by smile on Сря Яну 05, 2011 1:23 am

    Ако има някакви по-интересни новини, моля да ги споделите, че аз трудно си превеждам LIVE
    а и не само лайф ....

    L.O.V.E. MJ

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    Re: Започва се...

    Писане by L.O.V.E. MJ on Сря Яну 05, 2011 10:39 am

    Witness: Michael Jackson's doctor seemed not to know CPR

    By Alan Duke, CNN
    January 5, 2011 -- Updated 0250 GMT (1050 HKT)

    Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Dr. Conrad Murray seemed not to know how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation as he waited for paramedics to arrive at Michael Jackson's house, a witness at Murray's preliminary hearing testified Tuesday.

    Former Jackson security chief Faheem Muhammed said he and and guard Alberto Alvarez saw Murray crouched next to Jackson's bed "in a panicked state asking, 'Does anyone know CPR?'"

    "I looked at Alberto because we knew Dr. Murray was a heart surgeon, so we were shocked," Muhammed said.

    When defense lawyer Ed Chernoff asked if perhaps Murray was only asking for help because he was tired, Muhammed said "The way that he asked it is as if he didn't know CPR."

    Jackson appeared to be dead at that time, with his "eyes open and his mouth open, just laying there," he said.

    Prosecutor David Walgren earlier said that Murray used "ineffectual CPR with one hand while the patient was prone on a soft bed." Two hands with the patient prone on a hard surface is the proper method, he said.

    Muhammed, the third witness on the opening day of the hearing, said he never saw Murray performing CPR on Jackson before paramedics arrived and carried him to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

    Jackson's mother, Katherine, sister La Toya, and brothers Randy and Jackie sat in the second row of the courtroom during Tuesday's opening session.

    Jackson's two oldest children, Prince and Paris, were at their father's bedroom door as the drama unfolded just after noon on June 25, 2009, Muhammed said.

    "Paris was on the floor on her hands and knees and she was just crying," he said.

    The children would learn two hours later that their father had died when Dr. Murray and Jackson manager Frank Dileo talked to them in a hospital room.

    "Frank blurted out and said "Your daddy had a heart attack and died," Jackson personal assistant Michael Williams testified.

    Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor will decide whether there is "probable cause" to try Murray on an involuntary manslaughter in the pop star's death. The hearing is expected to last two or three weeks, with 20 to 30 witnesses testifying.

    Murray waited at least 21 minutes after he found pop star Michael Jackson unresponsive before calling for an ambulance, a prosecutor said at the start of Murray's preliminary hearing Tuesday.

    "By all accounts, Michael Jackson was dead in the bedroom at 100 North Carolwood prior to the paramedics' arrival," said Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney David Walgren.

    The coroner concluded Jackson died from "acute propofol intoxication," in combination with "the contributory effects of the benzodiazepines," Walgren said.

    Propofol is a powerful anesthetic used to "put people under for surgery," and the benzodiazepines were sedatives Murray later acknowledged giving Jackson in the morning before his death, he said.

    "Michael Jackson was preparing for one of the most important tours of his life" in the months before his death, Walgren said.

    Murray's defense team has hinted it would argue that Jackson was under pressure from the concert promoter, which led him to demand treatments to help him sleep.

    Kenny Ortega, who directed Jackson's comeback "This Is It" concerts, was the first of about 30 witnesses to be called by the prosecution.

    Ortega described Jackson as "involved, active, participating" at his last rehearsal, which ended just 12 or 14 hours before the singer died.

    "He was in a delightful mood and we had an absolutely fantastic day," Ortega testified.

    But Ortega described a different, "scary" Michael Jackson at the Staples Center rehearsal on June 19, six nights before his death.

    "I just felt that he appeared, you know, really lost," Ortega said. "It was scary. I didn't know what was wrong. I couldn't put my finger on it."

    Ortega suggested to Jackson that he cut his rehearsal short and go home to rest.

    He was called to a meeting at Jackson's home the next day, where he was "scolded" by Murray for having sent Jackson home the night before, Ortega said.

    "Dr. Murray told me that this was not my responsibility and he asked me not to act like a doctor or psychologist," he said.

    Ortega said it was an emotional meeting, but he denied yelling at Jackson. "It wasn't yelling," he said. "It was about caring."

    "Michael said 'I know you love me and I know you care about me, but you don't have to worry. I'm fine,'" Ortega said. "It was Michael's voice that calmed me."

    Randy Phillips, the CEO of concert promoter AEG Live, and Jackson manager Frank Dileo were at this meeting, along with Murray and Jackson, Ortega said.

    A civil lawsuit filed last year by Michael Jackson's mother against AEG Live alleged that Phillips visited Jackson's home on June 18, 2009, to warn "that if Jackson missed any further rehearsals, they were going to 'pull the plug' on the show."

    "AEG told Murray that he had to make sure Jackson got to rehearsals," Katherine Jackson's lawsuit charged.

    The prosecutor told Judge Pastor that medical experts would testify that Murray, hired as Jackson's personal physician while he prepared for his concert tour, took "a number of actions" that "showed an extreme deviation from the standard of care."

    In addition to the CPR performed by Murray that the prosecutor described as "ineffectual," this would include administering propofol in a home setting without proper monitoring. No medical equipment that could have monitored Jackson's pulse and breathing were found in the upstairs bedroom, Walgren said.

    The 20-minute delay in calling 911 for paramedics was contrary to standard care, he said.

    When paramedics arrived, Murray failed to tell them about the propofol or other drugs given to Jackson that morning, Walgren said. That, too, was contrary to standard care, he said. Murray also neglected to tell emergency room doctors who were trying to revive Jackson at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center about the drugs, Walgren said.

    Murray remains free on $75,000 bond.

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    Re: Започва се...

    Писане by L.O.V.E. MJ on Сря Яну 05, 2011 10:41 am

    И с помощта на Гугъл изглежда така:

    Свидетел: лекар на Майкъл Джексън не изглежда да се знае CPR

    С Алън Дюк , Си Ен Ен
    5-ти януари, 2011 г - Актуализиран 0250 GMT (1050 HKT)

    Лос Анджелис, Калифорния (CNN) - д-р Конрад Мъри не изглеждаше да знае как да управлява кардиопулмонална ресусцитация, докато чакаше линейка да стигне до къщата на Джаксън Майкъл, свидетел на предварително изслушване Мъри свидетелства вторник.

    Бившият Джексън шефа по сигурността на Faheem Мохамед заяви, че и охрана Алберто Алварес видя Мъри седяха до леглото на Джаксън "в паника държавата иска," Някой знае ли CPR? "

    "Гледах Алберто, защото знаехме, д-р Мъри е сърдечен хирург, така че ние бяхме шокирани", каза Мохамед.

    Когато адвокат Ед Chernoff попита дали може би Мъри е само с молба за помощ, защото той е уморен, Мохамед заяви: "Начинът, по който попита той сякаш не знаеше CPR."

    Джексън се оказа мъртъв по това време, с неговата "отворени очи и отворена уста, само за там", каза той.

    Прокурор Дейвид Walgren по-рано каза, че Мъри използва "без резултат CPR с една ръка, докато пациентът е склонен на мека леглото." Две ръце с пациента склонни върху твърда повърхност е правилното методът, каза той.

    Мохамед, на третия свидетел в деня на откриването на заседанието, каза, че никога не са виждали Мъри извършване на CPR Джексън преди линейката пристигна и го изнесе на Роналд Рейгън UCLA Medical Center.

    Майка Джексън, Катрин, сестрата на La Toya, както и братята и Джаки Ранди седеше на втория ред в съдебната зала по време на откриващата сесия във вторник.

    Джаксън двата най-стари деца, Принс и Париж, бяха на вратата на спалнята на баща си, като драмата разгъната само след обяд на 25 юни 2009 г., каза Мохамед.

    "Париж е на пода на ръцете и коленете и тя е просто плаче", каза той.

    Децата ще научат два часа по-късно, че баща им е починал, когато д-р Мъри и Джаксън мениджър Франк Dileo говорил с него в болничната стая.

    "Франк изтърва и каза:" Вашият баща е получил инфаркт и е починал ", Джексън личен асистент Майкъл Уилямс свидетелства.

    Лос Анджелис Съдията от Върховния съд Майкъл Пастор ще реши дали има "основателна причина" да се опита Мъри на принудително убийство в смъртта на поп звездата. Съдебното заседание се очаква да продължи две-три седмици, като 20-30 свидетели свидетелства.

    Мъри чакаше най-малко 21 минути след като открил студен поп звезда Майкъл Джексън преди да се обадите на бърза помощ, прокурор каза в началото на предварителното изслушване вторник Мъри.

    "По всички сметки, Майкъл Джексън е мъртъв в спалнята на 100 Северна Carolwood преди пристигането на линейката", каза Лос Анджелис заместник-окръжен прокурор Дейвид Walgren.

    Следователят, сключени Джексън е починал от "остра интоксикация пропофол", в комбинация с "вноски ефекти на бензодиазепините," каза Walgren.

    Propofol е мощен анестетик, използвани за "поставят хората в за операция", и бензодиазепини са успокоителни Мъри по-късно признава, като Джаксън през нощта преди смъртта си, каза той.

    "Майкъл Джексън се готви за един от най-важните обиколки на живота си" в месеците преди смъртта му, каза Walgren.

    Мъри на отбраната на отбора намекна, че ще се твърди, че Джаксън е под натиск от страна на концерт промоутър, който го подтиква да изисква лечение да му помогне да заспи.

    Кени Ортега, който е режисьор на завръщане Джексън "This Is It" концерти, е първата от около 30 свидетели, които да се свика от прокуратурата.

    Ортега, описани Джексън като "участва, активни и пълноценни" най-сетне си репетиция, която приключи само за 12 или 14 часа преди певец починал.

    "Той бе в чудесно настроение и имахме абсолютно фантастичен ден", Ортега свидетелства.

    Но Ортега описва различни, "страшни" Майкъл Джексън в Staples Center репетиция на 19 юни, шест вечери преди смъртта си.

    "Просто чувствах, че той се появява, нали знаеш, наистина губи", каза Ортега. "Беше страшно. Аз не знам какво не е наред. Не можех да си сложа пръста върху него."

    Ортега предложи на Джексън, че той си отреже репетиция кратко и се прибера вкъщи да си почине.

    Той е наречен на среща в дома на Джаксън на следващия ден, когато той е бил "се скара" на Мъри за това, че превел Джексън предишната вечер, каза Ортега.

    "Д-р Мъри ми каза, че това не е моя отговорност и той ме помоли да не се държи като лекар или психолог," каза той.

    Ортега заяви, че е една емоционална среща, но той отрече крещи Джексън. "Това не е крещял," каза той. "Това беше как да се грижите."

    "Майкъл каза:" Знам, че ме обичаш и знам, че ти пука за мен, но не е нужно да се притеснявате. Аз съм добре, "каза Ортега. "Това е глас на Майкъл, че ме успокои."

    Ранди Филипс, изпълнителен директор на концерт промоутър AEG Live, и Джаксън мениджър Франк Dileo бяха на тази среща, заедно с Мъри и Джексън, заяви Ортега.

    А гражданско дело подадена миналата година от майката на Майкъл Джексън от AEG Live твърди, че Филипс посещава дома Джексън на 18 юни 2009 г., да предупреди ", че ако Джексън пропусна допълнителни репетиции, те щяха да" дръпнат щепсела "в шоуто."

    "AEG каза Мъри, че трябва да се уверете, че Джексън трябва да репетиции", дело Катрин Джексън е заредена.

    Прокурорът каза съдия пастор, че медицинските специалисти ще свидетелстват, че Мъри, нает като личен лекар Джексън, докато той подготвени за концерта си турне, взе "редица действия", които "показват изключително отклонение от стандарта на грижи."

    В допълнение към бъдещия регламент, извършвани от Мъри, че прокурорът, описани като "без резултат", те ще включват управление на пропофол в домашни условия, без съответен контрол. Не медицинско оборудване, което би могло да наблюдава импулс на Джаксън и дишането са намерени в горния етаж спалня, Walgren каза.

    В 20-минутно закъснение при повикване 911 за линейка противоречи на стандартни грижи, каза той.

    Когато пристигна линейка, Мъри успя да им разкаже за пропофол или други лекарства, дадени на Джексън тази сутрин, каза Walgren. Това също противоречи на стандартни грижи, каза той. Мъри също пропусна да каже на лекари, спешна медицинска помощ, които се опитват да съживят Джексън на Роналд Рейгън UCLA Medical Center за наркотиците, Walgren каза.

    Мъри остава свободна за $ 75 000 гаранция

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    Re: Започва се...

    Писане by andeli on Сря Яну 05, 2011 6:00 pm

    Не знам вече какво да споделя, защото всичко се написа от нас за тази година и половина. Не мога да си представя как може да се допусне? И всъщност, мога. Човешката алчност ни кара да осверепяваме и да се превръщаме в убийци.
    А Майкъл... Той просто не беше вече момченцето на 29 години, което да избухва като динамит. Той имаше нужда от плавно влизане в ритъм, от много грижи и вяра в него. Току - що си препрочитах част от книгата на Тараборели и точно там се говореше за припадането му на репетиците за HBO и се спомена как той си страда от панически атаки пред такива събития.
    Защо казвам тези неща? Вече всичко е казано....
    Иде ми просто да се извиня и да помоля за прошка. Искахме го задължително на сцена, да го видим пак, да разбие пак, а го убихме.
    А можеше да се усмихва все още... Убедена съм, че щеше.

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    Re: Започва се...

    Писане by for all time on Сря Яну 05, 2011 7:39 pm

    Moжеше и още как! И аз съм сред тези , които го искаха да се завърне на сцената.
    Нямам идея защо толкова се панира преди събитие, защото той вреше и изглеждаше като човек , който живее за да е там , за да прави това. Всъщност това е нещо различно, той го можеше, той го правеше , но просто му трябваше да влезе. Искам ми се да можех да знам какво се случва с него в определени моменти. Обичам го твърде много, за да не ме боли , че го няма. Липсва ми всичко от него , а аз не съм го имала. Какво ли е на тези , които го имаха. Мисля, че те имат основание да искат всичко - да накажат, да мразят .. всичко. Дано Бог е с тях и да могат да простят нещо , което е непростимо!

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    Re: Започва се...

    Писане by for all time on Сря Яну 05, 2011 8:27 pm

    Току шо видях Джанет, Латоя Кетрин , Джо, Ранди и Тито мисля да влизат в съда. Днес продължават. Господи ... незнам какво да си пожелая, но той трябва да си получи заслуженето!

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    Re: Започва се...

    Писане by for all time on Чет Яну 06, 2011 9:11 am

    Kenneth Ortega
    1st witness

    Mrs. Benson gives the oath to Kenny Ortega. Judge Pastor gives his regular message to the witness that I’ve seen him give during the Brown trial.

    Ortega is a director and choreographer of film and television since the 70s & 80s. At some time he met Michael Jackson. The witness first met him 1991. In a professional capacity. Michael contacted him and asked if they could meet and set up a creative partnership. Interested in having him direct his next tour. Michael Jackson wanted help in directing his “Dangerous” world tour. Started 1992. He was to work as a director and choreographer. They remained in a (working) relationship up until his death.

    KO: Most of the time that we saw each other when we were starting up and rehearsing a production. The last year, we talked in advance of starting THIS IS IT. They had dinner a couple of times, and Jackson came to see a concert I directed; he came with his kids. Was involved in the directing and co-creating of the THIS IS IT. Began in April 2009. Came on the team in 2009. His role co-directed and co-created with Michael Jackson, the stage production.

    DW: How frequently did you see him?

    KO: 2 or 4 days a week in the beginning, 4-5 days a week, once we got into production. That frequency continued all the way up until June 25th, 2009. He was extremely excited about it. (tour) It was really right, exciting; had tremendous potential. Jackson really shared his reasons for doing it.

    DW: There were reasons that he chose to do it now?

    KO: That he felt that it was a good time to perform again. His children were of an age that his children could appreciate it. For his fans who were loyal over the years. Wanted to use it as a platform for the people to take care of the planet. Jackson discussed plans of beyond the tour. At one point Michael asked if I’d ever been to India. He said, We’ll go there, I want you to see it.” He asked if he’d been Japan. Talked about taking the show to those places.

    Def: Objection to narrative answer.

    After Michael Jackson finished touring he wanted to work with him on directing motion pictures. Jackson wanted to develop motion picture ideas.

    Now asking about the various rehearsal locations.

    He was at the rehearsals at Center Stage in Burbank, CA. Michael was at the location and part of those rehearsals.

    Def: Objection to leading question. Sustained.

    They eventually transferred to The Forum, in June, 2009.

    DW: Were these more large scale rehearsals?

    KO: Yes. Then transferred to Staples. Those were even more large scale rehearsals. He was on site every day of rehearsals. I can’t remember exact time from Forum to Staples Center. Forum there three weeks, then Staples Center.

    MJ was still displaying his excitement about the rehearsals. Rehearsal times were staggered for dancers, band, Michael. Michael’s schedule was for late afternoon. It went into the evening hours. Jackson’s participation was six hours maximum, approximately four days a week.

    DW: Some days were Michael Jackson performing, dancing?

    KO: On some days, yes. Michael was involved in every decision creatively on the show. He was the last word creatively on everything.

    DW: Friday June 19th 2009. Incident. Describe.

    KO: At rehearsals, at Staples Center, Michael Jackson arrived we had a pretty good day. Michael did not appear well at all. I observed that Michael was chilled, and soft spoken, not well.

    DW: Did he indicate that he didn’t feel well? (I think there was a “no” answer here.) It was more from his physical observations?

    KO: Yes. (snip) Was concerned that he wasn’t in the kind of condition to be at rehearsal.

    DW: Did MJ rehearse?

    KO: No. He did not want to go home at first. (snip) Asked if he would have the choreographer go through the movements and he wanted to sit in the arena.

    DW: That’s what happened?

    KO: For a while, yes.

    DW: Then what happened?

    KO: I just felt that he was, he just appeared, really lost. He was staring. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I knew that something was going on. It appeared scary. (I asked him) Do you really fell that this is the best place to be, or would you rather go home with family? (Michael Jackson replied back) “Would you be okay with that?” I replied, “Absolutely.” So he left.

    He had never seen Michael Jackson in that condition before. There was a meeting at Jackson’s home on June 20th, 2009. (It was the) production manager who called the meeting. Didn’t know what the meeting was about.

    DW: (When you) arrived, who was there?

    KO: Jackson was there, Dr. Murray was there.

    Witness identifies Dr. Murray for the record.

    KO: Frank Dileo, Michael's manager (and) Randy Phillips were there.

    DW: Prior to this meeting, had you met the doctor before?

    KO: Yes. Met him at the house before, was introduced to him. Met him soon after started working on the show. Sometime around April or May of 2009. He was introduced (to Dr. Murray) at the house by Michael Jackson.

    DW: What happened at this meeting?

    KO: (It) quickly became clear that the meeting was about me. That the Dr. was upset that I had sent Michael home and didn’t allow him to rehearse the night before. And because I had voiced my concerns about Michael’s health that evening. Dr. Murry told me that this was not my responsibility and to not act like a doctor or a psychologist and to leave Michael’s health to him.

    DW: What was his demeanor?

    KO: Scolding.

    DW: Towards you?

    KO: Yes.

    DW: Did you respond in any manner?

    KO: Yeah. I tried to explain that it wasn’t about preventing Michael from going on stage, that it was a choice we made together. That I thought it was a concern about his health and that it was Michael’s choice to leave.

    DW: Did Dr. Murray elaborate at all, what you role was and Dr. Murray’s role was as it pertained to Michael Jackson?

    KO: That it was better for all, that I concern myself with the show, and that Michael was fine and was able to handle all this concerning the show. (not sure I have that correct)

    DW: Following this meeting, June 20th. Was there rehearsal that day?

    KO: No. We had a long weekend. Rehearsals resumed Tuesday June 23rd, at Staples Center.

    DW: How did that rehearsal go?

    KO: Fantastic. Michael was in great form. It was like the Michael that we all knew and loved and was excited and took the reins. (He was) there to answer questions and make creative decisions and he was in a delightful mood and we had a fantastic day.

    DW: Gong to June 24th, 2009. Did Michael Jackson rehearse?

    KO: Yes. Similar.

    DW: You said similar?

    KO: He was bold, active, and participating in the entire production. Had a conversation with Michael. We had two wonderful days of rehearsals. (He was?) feeling good, confident. (One) could feel it everywhere in the entire room. (I) Asked Michael if he was happy. He said he was very happy. Said he felt very good there in the room and appreciated (everything and) to tell the crew and everyone that he really appreciated ( everything).

    (For the following day, the 25th) He was very excited since he was going to rehearse an illusion.

    Def: Objection to narrative. Sustained.

    He was excited about the illusion trick they were going to rehearse the next day. That concluded the rehearsal. Michael said goodnight and they finished shortly thereafter.

    6/25/2009: At some point he learned that something happened. He received a telephone call while he was rehearsing. Earlier, he had spoken to Randy Phillips and was on his way to rehearsal. I asked him to, “Please let Michael know how excited I am and how much I look forward to rehearsals.”

    (Randy Phillips said?) I thought you were calling for a different reason,

    CROSS by Ed Chernoff

    EC: Do you have a good rep(utation) as a choreographer?

    KO: Yes.

    EC: Reputation you have for, together 30 years? The survival or success of this show THIS IS IT, would affect or enhance your (presence? reputation?). Would that be fair to say, if it was good show?

    KO: Sure.

    EC: If it was a bad show, as a result if it was bad, that would also affect your reputation?

    KO: I highly doubt it.

    Chernoff asks about the dancers...

    KO: I was was the directer and the co-creator...not the choreographer.

    EC: Wouldn’t that affect your reputation?

    KO: Don’t think so.

    Asks about the meeting.

    EC: Do you know who called the meeting?

    KO: No, I don’t know who called the meeting.

    EC: Paul Gonga(ware)?

    KO: Not there.

    EC: Paul Leto?

    KO: His manager was there. Randy Phillips was the promoter for AEG was also at the meeting.

    EC: You observed Michael to be sweating and cold?

    KO: Not sweating. Chilled.

    Crossing the witness on his testimony about that meeting and his observation of MJ on the 19th.

    KO: For the most part, I think we were headed for greatness and that Michael’s vision would have been accomplished. (snip) There was a period of time when Michael Jackson didn’t show up. This created anxiety for me. (The show) couldn’t at times move forward without Michael’s involvement. Couldn’t move forward. (He) didn’t know at times, why Michael Jackson didn’t show up.

    Questions about the 19th again, at rehearsal.

    KO: He was cold, soft spoken.

    EC: Was there anything else you observed?

    KO: He seemed sort of, quite, in himself. He seemed to be in a state. Not present.

    EC: Did it seem like he was in pain? Nauseous?

    KO: I don’t know. I was confused by his state.

    EC: You had a lot of people there, at this meeting to talk about including AEG to talk about Michael’s condition, is that right? (snip) The conversation on June 20th, was you were called had been about Michael had missed several (rehearsals)?

    Questioning the witness about supposedly a meeting three weeks prior...witness doesn’t remember. Questions about how many rehearsals that Michael Jackson was missing.

    KO: He missed a number of rehearsals, in a period. It was LATER in the rehearsals, that he missed.

    EC: There was a lot of concern about this?

    From his perspective, yes.

    EC: Have you had any experience of someone on drug withdrawals?

    KO: No.

    EC: Do you remember yelling at Michael, telling him to get back in the show?

    KO: No.

    EC: Do you remember having a conversation with Karen Fay?

    The witness asked for water and we wait while the bailiff’s get him a glass.

    He knew Karen Fay since she worked for the show. Was Michael Jackson's makeup and hair artist. She worked with him Michael for some time.

    EC: Do you remember having a conversation with Karen Fay after the meeting.

    KO: I don’t I remember having a conversation with her before.

    EC: Do you remember telling Karen Fay of reading Michael the riot act? Do you remember telling Karen Fay not to placate Michael?

    The witness states he doesn’t know what the word means.

    EC: Did you advise Karen Fay in any respect in regard to how to treat Michael after this meeting?

    KO: No.

    EC: Did you discuss with Karen Fay any thing regarding how she should treat Michael?

    KO: I don't recall having any discussion with her.

    EC: What time on the 19th did Michael leave the stage?

    KO: It could have been 8 or 9 pm.

    EC: Could it have been 12 midnight?

    KO: No. He was there about 2 hours.

    EC: The meeting that was called was for what time?

    KO: Late morning or early afternoon. I don’t remember a time.

    Questions about what time he first was notified about the meeting. Asks him about the number of shows and that it had increased from 30 to 50 shows. Asked him if he talked to Michael about the increased number of the shows. He doesn’t remember exactly. Trying to clarify when he entered the show and if his involvement coincided with the increase for the number of shows.

    EC: When did filming begin for the THIS IS IT documentary?

    EC: We never filmed FOR that documentary.

    KO: He asked to film the rehearsals. The interviews were done for shows that were to be done in London. We never started filming the documentary. The documentary was never a plan. The filming of rehearsals were for our personal use. And to review rehearsals. Sometimes he had a private camera rolling. It was always through via Michael’ s request.

    EC: Did you yourself do any film?

    KO: No.

    What about Travis Payne?

    Objection. Sustained.

    Questions about how he heard about Michael’s death.

    KO: Paul G. called him. in the afternoon. He was on stage rehearsing. Paul G. called him to tell him that MJ had passed. It was sometime in the afternoon. Paul Gongaware.

    Walgren REDIRECT

    Walgren asks about Michael Jackson missing rehearsals. (You said?) Well he missed some shows, but it was in a period of time. There was period of time.... “It was accumulated dates. It was a week.” Early June, for about a week, Michael Jackson missed a series of rehearsals. He had met Dr. Murray before that.

    June 20th meeting.

    DW: You specifically were asked if he had yelled at Michael. You said that you did not.

    KO: Michael, said “I now that you are concerned about me and I know that.” Michael gave me a big hug, “Don’t worry. WE can do this.” If there was any voices, it wasn’t yelling, it was caring.

    Judge Pastor: Mr. Chernoff? Recross?

    EC: One question. June 25th, very briefly. Was that a day he was scheduled to rehearse: What time was he was supposed to arrive?

    KO: Afternoon.

    EC: What time was he supposed to arrive ?

    KO: 4:00 or 4:30 pm.

    Ortega is excused.

    [Mid-morning break. Return 10:45 am.]

    10:45 am
    Back inside the courtroom.

    Ordering a witness back Friday, 8:00 am at the DA’s office. Ms. Alvarez ordered back.

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