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    Народът срещу д-р Конрад Мъри - 29.09. ден 3

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    Народът срещу д-р Конрад Мъри - 29.09. ден 3

    Писане by L.O.V.E. MJ on Пет Сеп 30, 2011 2:23 pm

    People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray
    Michael Jackson's Chef:
    Murray Begged Me For Help
    Kai Chase -- Michael Jackson's Chef Testifies
    Updated 9/29/11 at 2:35PM

    Michael Jackson's personal chef Kai Chase just testified -- claiming a frantic Dr. Conrad Murray begged her for help the day MJ died, ten minutes before anyone called 911.

    According to Chase, she was in the kitchen preparing lunch for Michael and his kids -- and between 12:05 and 12:10PM, Murray ran downstairs, yelling for her to "get Prince, get help, get security."

    Chase claimed she sent Prince to Dr. Murray and returned to work.

    Chase admitted she didn't contact security -- a point highlighted by defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan.

    Yesterday, MJ's personal assistant Michael Amir Williams testified ... Murray called him at 12:13 PM, and Williams immediately phoned security. MJ's security guard Alberto Alvarez eventually called 911 at 12:21 -- between 11 and 16 minutes after Murray allegedly asked Chase for help.

    While Chase was leaving court today, we asked if she thought her testimony was helpful -- she responded, "Absolutely."

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    Re: Народът срещу д-р Конрад Мъри - 29.09. ден 3

    Писане by L.O.V.E. MJ on Пет Сеп 30, 2011 2:30 pm

    Testimony: Paris Jackson screamed 'Daddy!' when she saw her dying fatherBy Alan Duke, CNN
    September 29, 2011 -- Updated 2340 GMT (0740 HKT)

    Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's chef Thursday defended her decision not to alert a security guard that Dr. Conrad Murray needed help in Jackson's bedroom after Murray frantically asked her to do so.

    It wasn't until about 10 minutes later that a guard in a trailer a few feet away from chef Kai Chase's kitchen was ordered upstairs to the bedroom where Murray was trying to revive Jackson, according to testimony in Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial.

    Murray "was very nervous, and frantic and he was shouting," when he ran down a staircase near the kitchen where Chase was preparing Jackson's lunch, Chase testified Thursday afternoon.

    "Get help, get security, get Prince," Chase said Murray screamed.

    The chef's response was to walk into the nearby dining room where Jackson's oldest son, Prince, was playing with his sister and brother, she said.

    "I said 'Hurry, Dr. Murray needs you. There may be something wrong with your father," Chase said she told Prince Jackson.

    She then returned to the kitchen to continue lunch preparation, she said.

    "He's asking for help, he's asking for security," defense lawyer Michael Flanagan said during cross-examination. "Did you think that a 12-year-old child was going to be able to assist this doctor with a problem with Michael?"

    "I did what I was told and I went to get Prince," Chase answered.

    Murray's lawyers are laying the groundwork to argue that Murray should not be blamed for the delay in calling for help because he relied on the chef to alert security, who then could call for an ambulance.

    The prosecution, meanwhile, contends that a delay in calling 911 for an ambulance was Murray's fault and one of the negligent acts that make him criminally responsible for Jackson's death.

    The Jackson employee who called 911, at least 10 minutes after Murray's plea to the chef for help, testified earlier Thursday that Murray told him to help gather up drug vials around Jackson's deathbed before he asked him to place the emergency call.

    Deputy District Attorney David Walgren blamed Murray for Jackson's death, saying he abandoned "all principles of medical care" when he used a makeshift intravenous drip to administer the surgical anesthetic propofol to put Jackson to sleep every night for more than two months.

    The coroner ruled that Jackson's June 25, 2009, death was the result of "acute propofol intoxication" in combination with sedatives.

    Alvarez: Jackson was 'very light'

    Broke MJ staffer won't do paid interviews

    Jackson I.V. contained 'milky substance'

    Prosecution plays Jackson 911 call Alberto Alvarez, who served as Jackson's logistics director, showed the court Thursday how he saw an empty vial of propofol inside a torn IV bag that was hanging on a stand.

    During questioning by the defense, however, Alvarez indicated it was another IV bag with a clear saline solution, not propofol, that was attached by a tube to Jackson's leg.

    Alvarez testified that when he first rushed into the bedroom where Murray was trying to revive Jackson, the doctor asked him to help put drug vials into bags.

    "He reached over and grabbed a handful of vials, and he asked me to put them in a bag," Alvarez testified.

    Prosecutors contend that Murray was trying to gather up evidence of his criminal responsibility for Jackson's death, even before asking that someone call for an ambulance.

    Under cross-examination, defense lawyer Ed Chernoff led Alvarez slowly through his steps during a half-minute period, apparently trying to show that his memory is wrong about the sequence of events.

    When Chernoff asked him whether all of the events he described could have happened in the 30 seconds, Alvarez answered, "I'm very efficient, sir."

    Chernoff also hinted that the defense would argue that Alvarez altered his account of events two months later after conferring with other witnesses.

    Alvarez described how Jackson's two oldest children, Prince and Paris, walked toward their father, who was lying still on a bed with his eyes and mouth open, facing toward them.

    "Paris screamed out 'Daddy!' " and she started crying, Alvarez said.

    "Dr. Conrad Murray said, 'Don't let them see their dad like this,' " Alvarez said. "I turned to the children, and I told them, 'Kids, don't worry, everything's going to be OK.' "

    After helping Murray place the vials in bags, the doctor asked him to call 911. The recording of the call was played in court Thursday.

    "He's pumping his chest, but he's not responding to anything," Alvarez told the emergency dispatcher.

    Conrad Murray's defense strategy

    Witnesses describe Jackson's last day

    Jackson's health 'over-exaggerated?'

    Michael Jackson's future plans revealed Murray appeared not to know proper CPR techniques and attempted it on the bed and not the floor, as recommended by practitioners. Alvarez said he took over while Murray began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Jackson.

    "After a few breaths, (Murray) said, 'This is the first time I do mouth-to-mouth, but I have to because he's my friend,' " Alvarez said.

    Alvarez said he's been offered up to $500,000 for interviews about Jackson's death. He's turned them all down, despite financial problems and the lack of employment, Alvarez said.

    Jackson's personal assistant and his security chief gave their own emotional details about the chaos in the Jackson home and at the hospital with their testimony Wednesday.

    Michael Amir Williams, who was Jackson's personal assistant, described a frantic series of phone calls that started at 12:13 p.m. the day the pop icon died.

    "Call me right away, please; call me right away," Murray said in a voice message to Williams, which prosecutors played in court Wednesday.

    "Get here right away; Mr. Jackson had a bad reaction," Williams said Murray told him when he called him back.

    Williams then ordered Alvarez to rush to the upstairs bedroom where Murray was working to resuscitate Jackson.

    Security chief Fahreem Muhammad, who followed Alvarez upstairs, described seeing Jackson on a bed with his eyes open and his mouth "slightly opened" as Murray tried to revive him.

    "Did he appear to be dead?" Walgren asked.

    "Yes," Muhammad replied.

    Muhammad gave details about how Jackson's two oldest children watched in shock.

    "Paris was on the ground, balled up, crying. And Prince, he was standing there, he just had a real shocked, you know, slowly crying, type of shocked look on his face," he said.

    Jackson family 'reliving a nightmare'

    Jackson's magician: He was a class act

    Murray trial: Jackson blame game fallout

    Jackson trainer, friend speaks of death Chernoff contended that Jackson, desperate for sleep, caused his own death by taking a handful of sedatives and self-administering propofol while the doctor was out of the room.

    One defense strategy is to point the finger at another doctor and Jackson as having a large role in his death, while arguing that Murray was blind to what they were doing.

    They contend that dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein addicted the singer to Demerol during those frequent visits to his Beverly Hills office in the weeks before his death, something Murray did not know about.

    His withdrawal from that Demerol addiction was what kept Jackson awake despite Murray's efforts to put him to sleep with sedatives the morning he died, the defense contends, arguing that Klein is at least partly responsible for Jackson's death because of the Demerol.

    Chernoff asked Williams, Jackson's personal assistant, if he went to Klein's office with Jackson.

    "At a certain point, it was very regular," Williams said.

    Chernoff then asked Williams whether he'd ever heard Jackson talk slowly with slurred speech, as he did on an audio recording played in court Tuesday.

    "Not that extreme, but I have heard him talk slow before," Williams said.

    "And when he left Dr. Klein's office, have you observed him sometimes to talk slow?" Chernoff asked.

    Sometimes, Williams replied, "he would talk slow like that. I never heard it that extreme, but I can definitely say he has come out, and he's a little slower."

    Chief security guard Muhammad, who often drove Jackson, testified that "There were times he would go almost every day" to Klein's office. Jackson often appear intoxicated when he left, Muhammad testified.

    Jackson once told Muhammad that his frequent trips to the dermatologist were for treatment for a skin disease.

    "My doctors tell me that I have to go, so I go," Muhammad said Jackson told him.

    At the start of court proceedings Wednesday, Paul Gongaware, an executive with the company promoting Jackson's comeback concerts, said he noticed that Jackson had "a little bit of a slower speech pattern, just a slight slur in the speech" after a visit with Klein.

    Medical records show that Klein gave Jackson numerous shots of Demerol in the weeks before his death, Chernoff told jurors Tuesday.

    "Dr. Klein did not do anything that was medically inappropriate," Klein's lawyer, Garo Ghazarian, told HLN's "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" Wednesday.

    The last time Klein gave Jackson drugs was more than three days before his death, Ghazarian said.

    Jackson's inability to sleep the morning he died was "one of the insidious effects" of Demerol addiction withdrawal, Chernoff said. Since Murray did not know about the Demerol, he could not understand why Jackson was unable to fall asleep that morning, Chernoff said.

    Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor previously ruled that while the jury can see some of the records of Klein's treatment of Jackson, the doctor would not testify. Demerol was not found in Jackson's body during the autopsy, which makes Klein's testimony irrelevant, Pastor ruled.

    A lawyer hired by concert promoter AEG to draw up the contract with Murray testified that Murray requested a CPR machine and money to hire a second doctor to help him care for Jackson.

    The additional doctor and the CPR equipment were never provided, since the contract was not signed before Jackson died, attorney Kathy Jorrie testified.

    She told the court that it was her understanding that Murray did not want the CPR unit or the additional doctor until he arrived in London with Jackson in July 2009 for the "This Is It" concerts.

    "I asked Dr Murray, why do we need a CPR machine?" Jorrie testified.

    Murray told her he needed it since "given (Jackson's) age and the strenuous performance he would be putting on, that if something went wrong, he would have it," she said.

    The second doctor would be necessary because "if (Murray) was tired or unavailable, he wanted to make sure there was someone else to be of assistance" to Jackson.

    AEG is being sued by Jackson's mother, Katherine, based on her contention that the concert promoter hired and controlled Murray when he was caring for her son.

    The prosecution contends that part of the negligence that makes Murray criminally liable for Jackson's death is the lack of monitoring and CPR equipment on hand when Jackson died.

    The trial began Tuesday with prosecutors playing a stunning audio recording of an apparently drugged Jackson slurring his words weeks before his death. Prosecutors also showed jurors a photo of Jackson's corpse on a hospital gurney.

    If convicted of involuntary manslaughter, Murray could spend four years in a California prison and lose his medical license.

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    Re: Народът срещу д-р Конрад Мъри - 29.09. ден 3

    Писане by andeli on Съб Окт 01, 2011 11:35 am

    Murray Trial Day 3 - September 29, 2011

    Morning Session

    Alberto Alvarez (AA) Testimony

    Prosecutor Walgren direct examination

    Month of June. AA says that he worked for MJ in Carolwood. AA was director of logistics, he was part of the advance team. He made sure everything was okay before MJ arrived to a venue.

    AA worked for MJ on / off since 2004. AA was called to work for MJ December 2008 / January 2009. AA said it was a good full time job with a good salary.

    Security would be in the trailer outside he house, they will only go inside when requested. Two different security : Property security and personal security. Personal security were MAW, FM, AA, Isaac and Derek.

    AA saw CM first after January 2009 in Carolwood. April/ May/ June AA saw CM 5-6 times a week. AA knew that CM was staying the night. AA was aware about the oxygen tanks. AA from time to time saw CM bringing empty oxygen tanks and take full ones.

    June 24th. After 5 PM they took MJ to rehearsals. AA made sure everything was in order in MJ green room (dressing room) such as arranging the room temperature, checked the venue for security. MJ came around 6:30 - 7:00PM. AA met MJ with golf cart and took him to his dressing room. MJ was very happy and in good spirits. AA was behind the stage. AA sometimes peeked to see his performance. AA believed his performance was good. After the rehearsal they did the same routine. MJ was still happy and in good spirits. They came to Carolwood. CM's car was already parked. MJ came home, they helped with the gifts. MJ said "goodnight".

    After they unloaded the gifts, they secured the front door and went to the security trailer for debriefing. After they went to home and house security stayed.

    June 25th AA came to Carolwood at 10:15AM. He sat down in the trailer and waited for any specific instructions. He was in the security trailer around 12:15 PM.

    Phone records. 4 phone calls between MAW and AA, those were attempts to reach each another. Another call from MAW to AA, they finally spoke. MAW asked where was AA, told him to get up and go to the front of the house without much commotion. MAW asked him if he was walking AA said yes, MAW told him to run. AA came to the front door and tried to open it but it was locked. Nanny came and unlocked the door. From the glass door AA saw nanny Rosalind ,Paris, Kai Chase and CM on the second floor. CM had both hands on the rail and was looking down.

    AA told MAW he was in the house. MAW told him to run up the stairs. Prince was upstairs walking opposite direction of AA.

    Walgren shows pictures and layout of the house and asks AA to identify where CM was and identify the rooms.

    AA said he only went upstairs 2 times in 6 months he worked for MJ to let MJ's hairdresser.

    CM said to him "Alberto come quick", AA realized the situation was serious. AA hung up the phone call to MAW. AA followed CM into the room.

    AA saw CM giving chest comprehensions to MJ. MJ was in the bed. AA saw MJ lying on his back, his hands extended out to his sides with palms up, his eyes and mouth was open. His face was slightly towards the left. CM was using one hand (his left hand) giving MJ chest comprehensions.

    CM said to him they need to get him to a hospital. AA was walking towards the bed and reaching for his phone in his pocket. Prince and Paris followed him into the room, they were behind him. Paris screamed out "Daddy". Paris was crying. CM said "don't let them see their dad like this". AA ushered the children out the door and told them that everything will be okay and not to worry.

    When returned AA asked CM what happened. CM said "he had a bad reaction". AA was at the foot of the bed.

    AA saw some sort of a plastic device on his penis to collect urine. AA now knows that it was a condom catheter. AA did not see any monitoring equipment, no ventilation equipment. AA only saw a clear plastic tubing for Oxygen attached to MJ's nose. AA saw an IV stand.

    CM got some vials from the night stand and asked AA to put them in a bag. AA held out the bag and CM dropped the vials. CM told AA to place that plastic grocery bag to the brown bag. Then CM told AA to get the bag in the IV stand and put it in the blue bag. AA says there was a bottle in the saline bag.

    Walgren: "Why were you following these instructions?" AA " I believed CM had MJ's best intentions at mind, I didn't question his authority. I thought we were getting ready to go to the hospital".

    IV stand has 2 hooks. One hook had a saline bag, CM didn't ask AA to remove that one. AA was only asked to remove the saline bag with the bottle. AA saw milky white substance at the bottom of the saline bag.

    Walgren shows the saline bag pictures to AA. The bad has a cut, AA says he didn't see the cut on june 25th. Walgren shows the cut to the jurors. Walgren then shows empty 100ml Propofol bottle. Walgren replaces the bottle in the saline bag through the slit shows it to AA and the jurors.

    Mid morning break

    AA says all these events happened very quickly. AA says he was obeying CM's instructions.

    911 call is played in court. Alberto visibly upset and looks like about to cry when listening to the call.

    AA and CM moved MJ from bed to the floor. AA saw a clear plastic tube coming from the bag on the IV coming to MJ's leg. CM removed it when they moved MJ. CM took pulse oximeter from a bag and clipped it to MJ's finger.

    AA says a few days to a week before June 25th, CM asked the securities for AAA batteries. AA saw CM holding the device, AA had asked him what it was and CM said it was like a heart monitor.

    FM arrived to the room. AA said "It's not looking good". CM asked if anyone knew CPR. AA and FM looked to each other. AA went to assist CM doing CPR. AA started doing chest comprehensions with two hands. AA knew CPR before that day, he learned it when he was a swimmer. CM was giving mouth to mouth. CM said "this is the first time I do mouth to mouth. but I have to because he's my friend". AA continued chest comprehensions. Paramedics arrived soon after and took over. AA says there was no indication that MJ was alive.

    Paramedics moved MJ from the side of the bed to the foot of the bed. AA went downstars twice; to check on the childern and to meet MAW. When paramedics were bringing MJ down, AA was trying to distract MJ's kids so they wouldn't see their father like that.

    At UCLA AA begged to paparrazzi to leave them alone saying it was a private moment, shielded MJ when going in, waited in the hospital. CM came to AA to thank for help, AA said "we did our best". At that moment AA didn't suspect that CM did anything wrong. CM first said he was hungry and asked if someone could take him home. AA didn't answer, CM then asked it to MAW. AA last saw CM outside the emergency room saying "I wanted him to make it".

    AA and other security drove off after the announcement and MJ was taken to the coroners. They went to Carolwood, police was there. They stayed outside of the house while talking to the detectives. AA was asked to bring children's dog Kenya to Hayvenhurst.

    20-30 times media approached to AA to give interviews and was offered money. Media have offerred him $200,000 to $500,000, AA said no. AA says this event was negative for his life. He went from a full time great wage job to bad financial position. AA says he's totally wiped financially. AA said he had been honest with the police to best of his ability.

    Defense cross examination by Chernoff

    AA draw the IV bad picture after the preliminary hearing. Defense shows another drawing done for the police. AA doesn't remember drawing it. Defense questions AA never mentioned the pointy nub before. Chernoff says that the IV bag doesn't have any white substance in it today.

    Chernoff asks if he could be confused about the timeline of events. AA says no. Chernoff asks if it was possible if CM asked AA to collect the vials after the 911 call after the paramedics came and before they went to hospital. AA says no.

    Defense going over AA's phonecalls and how AA went into the house. AA understood something was wrong by that time but he didn't knew if it was related to MJ. Defense goes over what AA did when he entered to the house. AA basically repeats his previous testimony. AA says he was shocked when he entered the room. Chernoff is writing AA's timeline on a easel. Jurors has a problem with reading it. Defense continues with the events, at one moment they refer back to AA's testimony from preliminary hearing. Chernoff is asking about the 911 call and putting the vials in a bag. Most of the questions are about if he yet called the 911 and how CM put the vials in the bag. Basically defense is going over AA's timeline of events.

    Afternoon session

    Defense cross examination continued

    Still discussing AA's version of events and timeline. Chernoff writing the timeline on a piece of paper.

    Chernoff questions how AA held the IV bag and got it from the stand. AA says he got it bu holding it from the top of it. AA first mentioned taking off the IV bag in August, 2009 at his second meeting with the police. He was also fingerprinted at that time.

    Chernoff again asks if AA could be mistaken about his timeline. AA said no.

    AA: (looking at 911 transcript) Indicated when he placed MJ on floor according to transcript. OP says, let's get him to the floor-AA acted on that order. AA says that they got MJ on the floor while he was talking with 911 operator. AA says he put his phone on his shoulder. Chernoff plays the 911 call and AA identifies the point they got MJ on floor.

    AA: Clarifies pic he drew. He clarified that there was a box with a wire sticking out of it, NOT a needle.

    Chernoff mentions media offers. AA says there have been media offers before he talked to the police August, 2009. Chernoff says AA didn't mention most of the things he said in August interview in June interview.

    Chernoff plays a video of AA at hospital. AA was waiting outside the room where MJ's body was placed after he was announced dead. Chernoff mentions there was a lot of police around and asks AA if he mentioned them about collecting the vials. AA says no. AA was interviewed by the police in the hospital.


    Bodyguards went to Carolwood , talked with the detectives. Chernoff shows pictures taken outside the house with detectives asking AA to identify people in the pictures. Again Chernoff asks if AA told the detectives about the vials then. AA says no.

    Chernoff mentions saline bag and asks if that was connected to MJ. AA says yes. Chernoff asks if it was connected to anything else, AA says no.

    AA sees a report on CNN about evidence and saw detectives coming out of the house with a baby blue bag. AA heard on the news about Propofol and heard it being white. AA says that he realized that he handled those items and believed he needed to talk to the detectives. AA believed he needed to report it to the police.

    Chernoff asks about AA's work. AA says he's unable to get a continious job. AA's work history with MJ. In 2004 worked for MJ for 6 months. 2007 in Las Vegas worked for MJ for a few months. 2008 Las Vegas 2-3 months. After MJ's death AA worked with Jackson family. AA would call to check on the children. Katherine's assistant mentioned AA could become a secruity for Jacksons. This talks happened Nov 2009. AA worked for the Jacksons for a few months in 2010. Chernoff tries to ask AA what other celebrities he worked for.

    Objection. Sidebar.

    Chernoff asks AA about his relationship with CM and if they were friends. Chernoff tries to ask questions about why would CM would conspire with AA to hide evidence.

    Objection. Sustained.

    Walgren redirect

    Walgren goes over the timeline Chernoff wrote, asks AA if most of the events happened simultaneous continious events. Walgren asks questions very rapidly. Judge Pastor asks Walgren to slow down and jokes that "I see steam coming out"

    Chernoff recross

    Chernoff asks if AA did these events quickly. AA says he acted quickly and he's "very efficient". Laughter heard in the courtroom.

    Kai Chase (KC) Testimony

    Brazil direct

    KC professional chef. March 2009 was working for MJ. Her duties was to prepare food for MJ and his children. KC learned what they liked and didn't like. KC did the shopping. KC says she enjoyed working for MJ and kis kids. KC wears professional chef uniform - chef jacket and bistro apron. Her apron had 2 pockets. KC said she kept track of time because she needed to follow the food cooking and had to get food on the table on time. KC says she had her cellphone in her apron pocket and kept track of time.

    KC worked 6 days a week for MJ. KC came at 8 AM and prepared breakfast for the kids. Then prepared breakfast and juice for MJ for breakfast. MJ ate Granola, juices and vegatarian omelets. Healthy foods was very important for MJ and his kids. KC saw MJ eating with his kids. "It appeared to me that MJ had a close, loving relationship with his children and appeared to be happy around them."

    mid afternoon break.

    June 24. Arrived around 8:30AM. Prepared breakfast for children. Prepared MJ his beet juice which had beets, celery, apple, carrots. KC would see CM in the mornings. He would come to the kitchen. He would sometimes come to leave or sometimes would come to get MJ's juice. CM said MJ will be down shortly and MJ would like to have lunch with his children. CM then went to other part of the house.

    KC saw MJ on June 24. They talked. MJ asked about the lunch , he smiled. KC says MJ was happy because he was going to have a lunch with his children. KC prepared the same Ahi Tuna salad so that MJ could take it to rehearsal. KC prepared Tuscan White Bean soup for MJ for dinner. KC also prepared food for CM as well. KC made dinner for children. KC left at 10 PM on June 24.

    June 25. Arrived between 8:00-8:30AM. Prepared breakfast for children. The soup KC prepared the previous day was still in the refrigerator. KC started to prepare MJ's breakfast. She prepared him Granola with Almond Milk. MJ's children would notify KC when MJ would eat his food. 9:45 AM KC leaves to go to market. She cames back around 10:30. Everything seemed the same as she left when she returned. Children were playing, music was playing. KC started preparing lunch.

    MJ always had lunch at 12:30PM. There was no difference on June 25th. KC was preparing Spinach cobb salad with organic turkey breast for lunch. KC had already prepared fresh juice for MJ. CM didn't come to pick up the juice that day.

    CM came down to the kitchen from the stairs between 12:05 and 12:10. CM looked frantic. KC says CM was nervous, frantic and he was shouting. CM shouted "get help, get security, get Prince". KC stopped what she was doing and run to get Prince from the den. KC said to Prince "Hurry. Dr. Murray needs you. There might be something wrong with your father". Prince and KC went back to kitchen. Prince went to CM. KC went back to work.

    Brazil asks if CM asked her to call 911. KC says no. Brazil asks KC why she decided to get Prince. KC says Prince was in her sight and CM seemed frantic and disturbed. KC wanted to get help as soon as possible and Prince was the closest. Security is outside. Prince was closer to her.

    KC returned to work. KC saw housekeeper crying at he foyer of the house. KC approached to them and asked them what was wrong, they said something might be wrong with MJ. MJ's kids were crying and screaming. They held hands and prayed in a circle. KC then saw security and paramedics running up the stairs. KC, housekeeper and the children stayed in the foyer. Soon security asked KC and the housekeeper to leave the house and KC left.

    KC says her heart is still broken. She is devastated. KC met with detectives a few days later. Several media contacted KC asking about what happened that day. After KC gave statements to the police, KC gave interviews to several media sources. Brazil asks if she was paid any money by US media, KC says no. KC mentions interviews she has done with the foreign media. One interview was with German media about food. She was paid $1,000 for it. KC also met with a French documentary, she was paid $1,000. She took part in 5 more interviews. She was paid in total $7,000 for all the interviews.

    Brazil asked if KC ever planned to get rich from her experiences with MJ. KC says no.

    Defense cross Flanagan

    Defense asks if KC was at house Sunday May 10th. KC says no. KC says MJ will come down for breakfast 2 times a week around 8:30 - 9:00 AM. Other days breakfast was taken up to his room.

    When KC come in the morning the gate was closed. She press a buzzer, tells who she is and one of the security guys will come to meet her. She can't recall which security let her in on the 25th. When she comes to the house , she had to knock the kitchen door to be let in. Children or housekeeper would let her in. On June 25th MJ's kids let her in.

    KC says she only had MAW's phone numbers. KC says there was no land line in the house and she didn't have any phone numbers for AA, FM, Nanny or MJ.

    Defense asks KC how far it was from the kitchen to the security trailer. KC explains the distance.

    CM came down frantic. CM yelled "go get help, go get security, go get Prince". KC thought it was emergency but did not know what kind of emergency it was. KC went into the den to get Prince. KC said " Prince Dr. Murray needs you. There might be something wrong with your father." Prince went with CM. KC went back to work.

    Flanagan asks how old was Prince. KC says 12 years old at that time. Flanagan asks why she did not get the security. She said Prince was right in front of her. She thought there was a human being she can get immediately. She says she didn't want to take the time to go out and go to the security and get them. She didn't know if the security was there or left. She didn't want to take the chance.

    Flanagan goes over says that KC saw a frantic CM and thought there was something wrong with MJ. KC says yes. Flanagan asks "He was asking for help, he was asking for security. Did you think a 12 year old child is going to be able to assist this doctor with a problem with Michael?". KC "I did what I was told and I went to get Prince". Flanagan asks if she ever saw CM again, KC says no. Flanagan asks if KC ever told CM that she would not get the security, KC says no.

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    Всъщност ето тези от този ден - рисунките.


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    Re: Народът срещу д-р Конрад Мъри - 29.09. ден 3

    Писане by andeli on Съб Окт 29, 2011 11:36 am