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    Forever, Michael

    L.O.V.E. MJ

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    Forever, Michael

    Писане by L.O.V.E. MJ on Сря Мар 17, 2010 12:38 am

    Forever Michael Year 1975
    1. We're Almost There (3:41)
    2. Take Me Back (3:29)
    3. One Day In Your Life (4:15)
    4. Cinderella Stay Awhile (3:11)
    5. We've Got Forever (3:12)
    6. Just A Little Bit Of You (3:14)
    7. You Are There (3:23)
    8. Dapper-Dan (3:08)
    9. Dear Michael (2:37)
    10. I'll Come Home To You (3:05)

    Release : January 1975
    Production : Berry Gordy

    Michael Jackson's fourth and final new studio album for Motown came nearly two years after its predecessor, Music and Me.

    The album was Jackson's fourth as a solo artist and would end up being his final album released with Motown before he and his brothers (The Jackson 5) left for CBS Records a year later. This album brought upon a change in sound for the sixteen-year-old adapting a smoother soul sound that would be a catalyst to later solo records on Epic.

    It was a more mature effort for the 16-year-old singer but lacked the contemporary dance style that had given Michael and his brothers a career rebirth with "Dancing Machine" the year before. The album did spawn two minor chart singles, "We're Almost There" and "Just a Little Bit of You" (both produced by Brian Holland of the Holland-Dozier-Holland production team), and a third track, "One Day in Your Life," would chart as a reissue six years later.

    But though Michael sang appealingly, the arrangements were noticeably similar to many older Motown charts, and there was little here to hint that, four years hence, on his next solo album, Off the Wall, Jackson would emerge as a major star.

    Singles :
    We’re Almost There / Take Me Back
    Just A Little Bit Of You / Dear Michael

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